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The hotel

The hotel


Tutte le Offerte

What does the word welcome mean to us? Offer our guests something that goes beyond the simple hotel room and has the flavor of an experience.

Hotel San Michele

Each room has been studied a specific combination of colors that is developed through hand-made fabrics made specifically by skilled artisans of Anatolia, but includes all the furnishings, up to the tiling of the bathroom, the famous CemenTiles by Bisazza collection.

But the most interesting work concerns the preservation of some details that are part of the history of the building, such as the old ceramic tiles, used to decorate the paving or the large tufa arch we rebuilt and stand above the hotel lobby .

immersed in history

dettaglio hotel San Michele

In a city like Trapani, hospitality has the flavor of history. Hotel San Michele was born within the walls of a building that for centuries has preserved one of the many souls of this territory.

Hotel San Michele - Trapani
Hotel San Michele - Trapani

The common areas are organized to accompany your stay surrounded by the beauty of a perfectly restored old building, inside the historic center of Trapani.
The common areas are organized to accompany your stay surrounded by the beauty of a perfectly restored old building, inside the historic center of Trapani.

To allow you to live fully our city and our territory we have prepared a range of opportunities and services. We have selected for you restaurants, clubs, patisseries, but also characteristic places that will give a different flavor to your stay in Trapani.

Hotel San Michele - Trapani

Between technology and tradition

Building a modern and functional hotel in a historic building is a fascinating adventure that we share with you. Our architects have thoroughly studied the warmth of this treasure chest of history within the historic center of Trapani and have redesigned it to combine tradition and modernity.

A warm

made of details
The taste of the past, the comfort of the present. We have integrated services and accessories more
modern because the reception is also functional and aimed at a single goal: your relaxation.

The attention to detail led us to choose the skilled hands of local craftsmen for the realization of the wooden cabinets of the rooms, made specifically for our hotel. Just as the woodwork is strictly hand-crafted that unite with the mighty and ancient walls of our hotel to help us enhance your stay experience.


A building valuable

The interior of the Hotel San Michele

We are among the remains of an ancient church, originally built in 1436 . The building lives its evolution in full renaissance when it was expanded to become the seat that, in the rest of the year, would host the "vare" that, in the Easter of Trapani, make up the spectacular Procession.

The church, in Renaissance style, presented for the first time in Trapani a domed vault built according to the Arab-Byzantine technique. The entrance was preceded by a courtyard in Via San Michele; entering on the left there was a chapel with the white marble statue of the Archangel. The dimensions of the church were rather small, 6 meters wide and 12 meters long.

Processione dei Misteri di Trapani

Unfortunately, time and disinterest have destroyed most of the architectural and historical beauties of the ancient building. But in the reconstruction we have tried in every way to preserve the vestiges of that time.

And then there are the ancient stairs of Trapani, real masterpieces of the "master masons", pride of the workers of the city of Trapani.

Suggestionof the ancient neighborhoods

Hotel San Michele is not just inside an ancient historic building.
It is also in the heart of the historic center, teeming with life, history and tradition.

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