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It's only the beginning

A holiday must first of all be an experience and the territory of the province of Trapani is the ideal place, with its continuous succession of enchanting views, uncontaminated natural paths, lush coastlines and crystal clear waters.

A province where nature has created lush plants, such as the vineyards that produce wines that know of Sicily or local treasures like the Red Garlic of Nubia, the Olive of Belice or the ancient Grain of Tumminia. A land surrounded by the sea and dotted with beaches and coves that will allow you to experience all the magic of the Trapani coast.

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Primo piano mulino su salina


Seize the possibility of a unique experience, an aperitif with typical local products, immersed in the colors of the sunset in an unforgettable location.
dettaglio infiorata di calatafimi

Calatafimi dresses with flowers

Along Corso Garibaldi in Calatafimi Segesta you can admire a wonderful floral carpet created along the central city artery.

A territory

to explore

A story that has not left only words and stones: it is found every day even in the Mediterranean flavors that make the Trapani food and wine a point of excellence.

Let's start with what is closest to us. The historical center of Trapani is the plastic transposition of the stratification of the cultures that have influenced the territory.

Too much to talk at once. The photographer Anatole Klapouch tried to do it with some success, creating a video in Hyperlapse that tells, in 90 seconds, the most fascinating corners of the historic center of Trapani.

And then there is the history, from the rock inscriptions of Levanzo to the remains of the Battle of the Egadi, passing through Mothia, Segesta and Selinunte. The path of Trapani in history has left evident traces.

Blue painted

Blue painted

Remaining a few steps from our hotel, there is another unique glimpse: the salt pans of Trapani and Paceco. A nature reserve that represents the perfect synthesis between human work and nature. And the respect of an environment that returns this attention by giving us unique shows and offering shelter to dozens of bird species, including the fascinating pink flamingo, which use the protected area of ​​the salt marshes as a stop on their migratory routes.

Nature has been generous, with the sea of ​​Trapani.
An uncontaminated blue that marries daily with lush coasts. Come to know every nuance


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